Engagement Film Project / Fuji Pro 400H


Engagement Film Project / Fuji Pro 400H

Engagement Film Project / Fuji Pro 400H

We’re so excited that finally we got another engagement film photo project 😀 Here’s we use the mighty fuji pro 400h as our “camera sensor”. Pleasant result, with lovely pastel colors, a very distinctive dynamic range of course, and satisfaction. The last point the main reason why we love to shooting with film. It’s far beyond digital camera can give to you.

If you’re willing to use film as addition on your engagement package, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the availability. Because we don’t stocks film so much since some of them are rare in Bali, and need 3-4 days to ship it from seller outside Bali. So just take a look below and make your choice to be. #filmisnotdead fuji pro h 400

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