Antons & Olesya / Bali Wedding


Antons & Olesya / Bali Wedding

Antons & Olesya / Bali Wedding

Howdy Folk,

Finally the whole story of Antons and Olesya is here. Please meet our sweet marriage couple from Russia. We’re so excited of both of them. Antons was very humorist and Olesya was the perfect beautiful wife for him. Well actually they had held their marriage ceremony on Russia, this is only a traditional balinese blessing. Started by “melukat” or purgation ceremony, lead by a Hindu’s Brahmana, then followed by the blessing in Alila Ubud. 

By the way, this is the first time we use hybrid camera brand in one bali wedding. I used Canon 6D, and my partner used NIkon d750. If you were familiar with both of it, you’ll know which captured by Canon and Nikon.

Enjoy 😀

001_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 002_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 003_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 004_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 005_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 006_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 007_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 008_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 009_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 010_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 011_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 012_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 013_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 014_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 015_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 016_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 017_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 018_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 019_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 020_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 021_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 022_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 023_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 024_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 025_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 026_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 027_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 028_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 029_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 030_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 031_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 032_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 033_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 034_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 035_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 036_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 037_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 038_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 039_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 040_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 041_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 042_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 043_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 044_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 045_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 046_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 047_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 048_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 049_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 050_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 051_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 052_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 053_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 054_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 055_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 056_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 057_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 058_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 059_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 060_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 061_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 062_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 063_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 064_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 065_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 066_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 067_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 068_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 069_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 070_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 071_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 072_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 073_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 074_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 075_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 076_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 077_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 078_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 079_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 080_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 081_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 082_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 083_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 084_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 085_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 086_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 087_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 088_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 089_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 090_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 091_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 092_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 093_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 094_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 095_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 096_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 098_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 099_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 100_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 101_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 102_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 103_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 104_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 106_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 107_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 108_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 109_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 110_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 111_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 112_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 113_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 115_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 116_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 117_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 118_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 121_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 122_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 123_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 124_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 125_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 126_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 127_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 128_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 129_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 130_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 131_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 132_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 133_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 134_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 135_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 136_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 137_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 138_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 139_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 140_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 141_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 142_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 143_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 144_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 145_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 146_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 147_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 148_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web 149_Antons&Olesya_Edit Web

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  1. AstriD
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    I love the traditional part as well as the dinner pictures!

    Where were the pictures taken?

    I love your work!

    • @agraphoto
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      Thank you so much Astrid. The traditional parts was taken in Peliatan ubud then the rest is on Alila Ubud. 😇🙏🏻

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